Leadership Training Program

This 33 week blended program was developed for Chevron Federal Credit Union.

Origins of the program

The program is designed for new managers and high potential employees the organization would like to prepare for potential management positions.

To create the program, I reviewed job descriptions and performance evaluations, spoke to HR about issues they were having with new managers, and reviewed notes from previous attempts to create a leadership training program. From this research I compiled a large list of skills. After prioritizing the skills, I organized them into a meta structure around what it takes to be an accountable leader.

This was the first blended learning program offered at the Credit Union. The program included face to face classes, virtual meetings, independent and partner assignments, elearning modules, and discussion boards. Most weeks there was about 1 hour of instruction.

Where's the Program Now

The third offering of this successful program launches in fall of 2015. Participating in the program improve the performance of both the participants and their teams.

Samples from the program

Each week of the program had instruction on a particular topic. Here are some samples from different weeks.

Setting Expectations

Training Plan showing the week's objectives and schedule.

Participant facing page from intranet portal explaining the week's assignment.

Facilitator guide for week's meeting. (both face to face and virtual participants)

Presentation for meeting



More weeks coming soon.