Instructional And Curriculum Designer

Leadership | Project Management | Facilitation 


~A Passion for Developing People through Education~

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To borrow a term from IT, I’m a full stack educator. I evaluate organizational problems, and determine if there is a training need. If there is a training need, I design, develop, and implement training programs that solve the problem. After the program is complete, I evaluate its effectiveness and make adjustments for future offerings. I specialize in blending learning programs tailored to the busy and dispersed modern workforce. 

In your circle of friends, I am the instigator who turns “Wouldn’t it be nice ….” into reality. I couple my compulsion for action with my passion to help people improve their lives through learning. This twin motivation drives me to develop unique, engaging, and effective learning experiences. I find special joy in deconstructing highly technical content, and figuring out how to teach it to the everyday man. 

I do what I do because I want to help people improve their personal and professional lives by learning something new.


Professional Highlights

Instructional Design

  • Designed, developed and revised instructor and student guides, presentations, and activities for multiple face to face, virtual, and online courses.
  • Introduced blended learning to organization by building custom Leadership Training Program. Repurposed organization's wiki software to deliver program across 4 time zones.
  • Analyzed over 55 hours of current AV installation course content. Used survey and focus group data for needs analysis to determine what materials should be included in the revised program, and where in the 8-day framework they should be taught.

  • Revised entire organization's curriculum portfolio to align with recently published ANSI standards.
  • Interviewed and built relationships with subject matter experts across industries.
  • Designed new core math instruction for deployment across all product lines and delivery methods.

Project Management

  • Managed production of educational simulations with Indian vendor. Supervised content writers and storyboard revision. Finalized all documentation that explained the AV installation processes that the vendor simulated.
  • Managed production of step by step videos training people on various cable terminations.


  • Worked with subject matter experts to approve new training materials. Negotiated solutions with stakeholders and subject matter experts for controversial material.
  • Engaged large audiences of technical personnel. Received excellent reviews, request for additional instruction, and personal thanks for improving their understanding of critical material.
  • Facilitated SME focus groups to determine course objectives and document expert knowledge.
  • Designed and facilitated multiple virtual trainings (webinars).

Business Analysis

  • Researched and built the business case and requirements for approximately $100,000 worth of expenditures on videos, simulations, and equipment.
  • Created learner persona for new training program working with marketing, sales, and Google analytics.

Technical Writing

  • Authored organizational technical and business practice guide for learning content manager SAAS (Evolution), and used guide to train other staff.
  • Translated HDMI, HDCP, DCID 6/3, and FIPS 140 into organized and easy to understand presentations.


I'm an interdisciplinarian at heart. I believe our ability to do our own job is enhanced as we learn about other professions. Sometimes change requires a paradigm shift but it can be well worth it. I have personally learned a lot synthesizing the disciplines of curriculum design, project management and instructional delivery.